Radiola 18 was introduced on April 19, 1928 as a replacement for the ill-fated Radiola 17, which suffered from lack of sensitivity. Novel circuit techniques improved the sensitivity of the 18 and it became one of the most popular radios manufactured by RCA during this era.
The Model 100-A Loudspeaker was released well ahead of the Radiola 18 and was described as "The reproducer that is the standard of comparison in the radio industry"
Year:1928 / Radiola 18
Manufacturer: RCA 
Tubes: 7
Band: AM  
Type:TRF(Tuned Radio Frequency)

Size: 27.5 x 9 x 7.5 inches
Power: AC (105-125)
Power consumption: 85 watts
Speaker: Model 100-A
Cabinet: Coffin shape-wood
Color: Walnut
Weight: ~20 lb
Aerial req: >20ft
Manufactured: 250,000
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Vadax Radio
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