To view this radio please email us at or call us at 512 221 1335 to make an appointment. Our hours are flexible and we offer evening and weekend viewing.


 It is important to view and check out the vintage radio you are interested in before you make the purchase  (turn it on, tune in stations, watch the vacuum tubes glow, look inside the radio cabinet). In doing so you will be able to decide easily if this is the vintage radio you desire to own.




If you have viewed the radio and you want to make the purchase, we accept in state checks or PAYPAL. We are located outside the city limits of Georgetown and the state tax is included in the price. All sales are for  local pick but we can assist in packing the radio for you. (Packing supplies are additional cost. It includes box, bubble wraps, clean paper, tape and labels)


All the cataloged radios have been played for over a period of months to improve the life time of the radio. We accept returns up to 90 days from local pick-up date. Exception to this would be physical damage due to miss handling. If after 90 days your radio goes dead, starts acting up, we will repair it for $60 plus parts. 


If you are satisfied with this radio model, the local pick-up and our return policy you can make the purchase using the Paypal button below or with a personal check



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Radiola 18 w/ RCA Speaker model 100-A