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Vadax Radio
Radiola 60
The Radiola 60 series of superhetrodynes was engineered by W.L, Carlson's team at GE and George Beers' at Westinghouse during the summer of 1927. This was the first truly modern superhet design: one dial tuning, AC tubes, chassis construction, and wire antenna instead of the bulky loop.
Year:1928 / Radiola 60
Manufacturer: RCA 
Tubes: 9
Band: AM  

Size: 41 x 34 x 15 inches
Power: AC (105-125)
Power consumption: 40 watts
Speaker: RCA Model 106 Type
Cabinet: American Cabinet Factory
Color: Walnut
Weight: ~75 lb
Aerial req: >20ft
Manufactured: 135,336 w/o cabinet
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Price: $225 (includes the 6.25% state sales tax).
Local pick up only.
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