Philco Model 49-1600 is a console radio-phonograph combination consisting of a five-tube superhetrodyne, which provides reception on the standard-broadcast band, and a Philco M9 78 RPM Record Changer. The auxiliary audio input is accessible via a 3.5 mm male plug for other music sources.
Even in the early years of postwar TV boom, Philco was still making floor model radio-phonographs.
Year:1949 / Model 49-1600
Tubes: 5:
Band: AM  
IF Frequency:455 KHz
Record Player: 78 rpm
Size: 24 x 35 x 16 inches
Power: AC (105-125)
Power consumption: 45 watts
Audio: 3 watts
Cabinet: Wood Console
Color: Walnut
Weight: ~20 lb
Aerial req: Internal Loop or Ext.
Aux. Input: 3.5 mm male plug
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Vadax Radio
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