The Hallicrafters S 38B is a five-tube superheterodyne radio receiver: standard AM broadcast and  three shortwave bands. The Band spread control feature allows easy tuning of the shortwave bands. The audio output is 1.6 Watts.
Year:1951 / Model S-38B
Manufactured: Unknown
Tubes: 5:
Band: AM / Shortwave(s) 
IF Frequency:460 KHz
Size: 13 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches
Power: AC (105-125)
Power consumption: 30 watts
Cabinet: Metal
Color: Black
Weight: ~3 lb
Aerial req: > 10ft
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Hallicrafters S 38B
Price: $65 (includes the 6.25% state sales tax).
Local pick up only.
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