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 American Vintage Radios

Repair of Vintage Radio (Inside Electrical)


The internal electronics (vacuum tubes, capacitors resistors, coils) and wiring have been replaced where needed.


All power supply electrolytic capacitors, waxed capacitors out of tolerance and out of tolerant resistors > 20% replaced.


Repairs to tuning coils and replacement of the AC power cord and plug.


All tubes have been tested and weak tubes replaced.


Speaker cones repaired or the speaker is replaced if the cone is hollowed out.


Tuner cords replaced


Final internal alignment performed.


Dusting and mild cleaning of the radio chassis performed.


Unit is played for 1 week continously on lab bench.


Repair of Vintage Radio (Cabinet)


Tuning Dial replacement if severely cracked, warped or hazy


Knobs replacement if missing or cracked


Speaker grill cloth cleaned or replaced if severely torn.


Some radio fronts have photo finishes (faux) that are torn exposing the bare unstained wood. This shows as white gashes. Similar to torn wallpaper exposing the primer painted sheet rock. In their day these faux paper coverings were used as a substitute for expensive veneers. Many radios were trashed because of this cosmetic damage and many were stripped down, stained and kept. In today’s world using software like photo shop and some good pictures, new photo finishes have been made to replace the damaged finishes. (see the Pilco 37-602  in the Repair Room page)


On some radios the photo finish front was completely worn out. To salvage the cabinet we sanded, stained and applied a light lacquer coating (Philco 37-610B and the Philco 80)


Plastic radio cracks are glued to keep form dislocating; some have been primed and spray-painted with high gloss plastic paint (Philco 48-464).


Plastic chipped areas are repaired with wood pieces glued in the void covered with liquid plastic. (Setchell Carlson 427) 


Most of the radio cabinets in the catalog required repairs to give the vintage radio a pleasant appearance for display. 

Zenith G500 Electrical Restoration
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