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The Philco Radio Model 37-600C is a four-tube superheterodyne receiver designed for standard AM broadcast reception with regeneration circuitry to improve sensitivity.
The cabinet looks the same on the back, except that the dial and controls are on the front only. During the 1930s Philco used faux layers on several models to reduce the cost.
Year:1936 / Model 37-600C
Manufactured: 98,000
(includes model 37-602C w/ 5 tubes)
Tubes: 4: 6A8G, 6J7G, 6K6G, 5Y4G
Band: AM Broadcast
IF Frequency:470 KHz
Size: 12 x 9 x 7 inches
Power: AC (110-120)
Power consumption: 45 watts
Cabinet: wood
faux brownish layer front & back
Aerial req:10 to 20 ft
Audio Output: 1/2 W
Philco 37-600_100
Philco 37-600_500 Philco 37-600_300 Philco 37-600_200
Vadax Radio
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Price: $135 (includes the 6.25% state sales tax).
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