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The Philco Radio Model 57C is a four-tube superheterodyne radio receiver combining standard AM broadcast and police band reception. Regeneration in the IF amplifier improves sensitivity.
Model 57C was a low cost upright compact table radio, often referred to as a "pee wee" or "cigar box" design.
Year:1933 / Model 57C
Manufactured: 110,500
Tubes: 4: 77, 77, 80, 42
Band: AM Broadcast / Police
IF Frequency:460 KHz
Size: 11 x 9 x 5 inches
Power: AC (110-120)
Power consumption: 46 watts
Cabinet: wood
Color: walnut veener front
Aerial req:10 to 20 feet
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Philco 57C_100
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Philco 57C_200 Philco 57C_300 Philco 57C_500
Vadax Radio
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